Riley Township Clinton County Michigan

Township office hours:

  • Treasurer available at township hall on Tuesdays from 4pm - 6pm. 

  • Appointments to speak with a township official can be requested using the email below or by calling 517-819-6132

Township contact information:

Board members:

  • Supervisor: Kevin Garvey - (517) 719-8593

  • Treasurer: Pam Feldpausch - (517) 243-5760

  • Clerk: Lisa Powell - (517) 819-6132

  • Trustee: Trish Martens - (517) 712-2187

  • Trustee: Brian Lawless - (517) 243-5760

Riley Township is bordered by Centerline, Airport, Cutler, and Bauer roads.  Located in Clinton County near St Johns Michigan, Riley consists of dairy and cash crop farms which produce wheat, corn and beans. A documented  history of the region, the Forest Hill road village, goes back to the 1800's. Within our borders you can find St. Peter Lutheran Congregation church, listed as an historical landmark since 1988.

Tax information including payment status and payment for taxes by credit card is available online at  

Individuals and mortgage or title companies in need of property tax amounts or payment information can find current information at under the municipality of Riley Township in Clinton County or the request can be submitted via email to

Tax Assessment information requests and questions should be directed to:
Sarah Payton, MAAO
7110 W Pratt Rd
DeWitt, Michigan 48820
Ph. 989-413-4179