Riley Township Clinton County Michigan

South Riley Country Market 2013


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 Country Market

Old Riley Township Hall



5:00 - 8:00 p.m.    517-712-2187 

Market Rules:

A. Rain or shine unless thunder or lightning occurring

B. Youth Vendereese-   Youth and 4-H members are encouraged to participate,accompanied by an adult

C. Loading and Unloading -  Venders must set up an half hour before market starts, first come first serve

D. Parking  - Venders are to park in the old township hall

E. Prices - Must be clearly marked or posted, venders are not allowed to press, influence or harass others regarding the price of the product

F. Nursery Product and Plants -  Perennials are required to obtain a license from the state, nursery products are presentable for sale                                                                                                                                           

G.Produce -  New food and safety rules by the FDA reducing food borne illnesses would require farmers to take new precautions against contamination to include making sure farmers hands are washed, irrigation water is clean and produce is washed and cleaned. Organic of product clearly posted

H. Bakery, Prepared Food - Bakery products must be made from scratch. Ingredients that are added like peanuts raisins etc... are labeled for the people with allergic reactions.All food must be safe to consume and held at appropriate at all timews. All food must be six inches from the ground.

I. Apple Cider Any grower selling unpasteurized cider has to put it in prominently labeled container saying it is unpasteurized and may contain harmful bacteria that causes illness to persons with weakened immune systems.

J. Honey and Maple Syrup- Under food law of 2000, honey and maple syrup outlets operated by the producer are exempt 

K. Egg Producer- Maintaining eggs at 45F for safety. Clean and pack eggs in a clean properly labeled container

L. Cooking  Venders - Cooking on premises, grills, warmers, deep fryer must have a fire extinguisher on hand.

M. Canopies-Have to be secured along with the merchandise along with signs, tables or any part of the booth. This is to ensure safety to the venders and customers in keeping it orderly

N. Trash Removal   Are responsible for their own trash and unsold product from the market premises

O. Rules of Conduct Vendereese must conduct themselves at all times courteous and a business like manor. Rude, abusive, offensive, or disruptive conduct will not be permitted. To maintain a positive atmosphere, venders must bring their concerns about the market to the coordinator.

P. Everyone must sign a Waiver of Liability for the market year

Q. No Solicitors, Dish Network, Direct T.V...... Politicians... etc...

R. Five dollars is donated for your space of 12x12

S. Rules and regulations are subject to change

There is a market committee if you would like to join please contact Trish Martens @ 517- 712-2187

Market Committee  

Trish Martens,   Debbie Zell,  Sue Sevenski