Riley Township Clinton County Michigan

Barns represent tradition, hard work and independence, to farmers, it is very essential just as the homes they live in.

The barn was the heart of the farm and a vital sense of community life. It was a place for dancing, praying, playing and courting.

They originally served as farm factories, places of business and store houses for supplies, equipment and livestock. Farmers threshed grain on the barn floors and stored hay in the lofts and sheltered animals in the stalls.

The barn remains a powerful symbol even today as it disappears from the American landscape. Capturing the beauty, structure, strength and grandeur of the barn, it gives us the reality if the importance it has played in the daily lives of our farmers. We have a better appreciation and a awareness to save the barn of today for future heirs to come.

If you live in Riley Township and would like your barn featured in this segment, please e-mail the website coordinator Trish Martens

Gable end of a barn, where you could stack bales of hay to the rafters

 Gable end of a barn with flooring as extra storage

Celing of a barn

 Jason Rd, old Hopp Homestead

 Dave Feldpausch, Jason Rd.

 Jason Road, old Verderese homestead

 Barbers, Jason Rd

 Corner of Francis Rd. and Jason Rd.

 Schaffer, Pratt Rd.

 Youngt, Francis Rd

 Everett & Ellen Martens, Forest Hill Rd, this barn is no longer standing 2013

 Lee Martens

 Francis Martin old homestead, Forest Hill Rd

 Joe Bohr, Forest Hill Rd

Joe Bohr Barn on Forest Hill Road. 

Scott Bancroft farm Craun road.